Board of Director

Sardar Muhammad Tariq
Chairman/CEO, Pakistan Water Partnership PWP

Pakistan Water Partnership PWP Executive Director/CEO said,

Pakistan Water Partnership PWP was established in February 1999 as the country partner of Global Water Partnership (GWP). It is an important regional member of the Global Water Partnership – South Asia (GWP-SAS). PWP is a Public Limited Company registered under the Pakistan Companies Act 1984, with a large number of key stakeholders from Government Organizations, Public and Private Sector, NGOs, Women and Youth Groups, and Civil Society having impact on, or impacted by, water and its uses in the country.

Pakistan Water Partnership PWP is mandated to provide a neutral platform to all water stakeholder institutions, organization, departments and individuals for discussing national, sub-national and local water issues to build consensus at different levels. It has to promote the concepts and principles of IWRM in the country in order to meet the growing scarcity of water resources, increasing deterioration in water quality and the looming threat to environmental sustainability. The Pakistan Water Partnership PWP is responsible to create awareness at the grassroots level about the need and potential of adopting IWRM techniques and solutions to solve locally water & environment related problems involving communities. Coordination with stakeholders in the water sector at the national, provincial and local level to contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals was also a part of its mandate. It also has to coordinate between GWP and other international agencies dealing with water problems on the one hand and the water sector actors in Pakistan on the other to help solve Pakistan’s water problems.

In order to carry out its mandate, Pakistan Water Partnership PWP maintains close relationship with official agencies like the Planning Commission; Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA); Ministries of Water & Power; Environment; Agriculture and Provincial Agriculture and Irrigation Departments, Provincial Irrigation and Drainage Authorities (PIDAs), United Nations agencies and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the water sector for sensitizing on judicious use of water resources to gain maximum benefit through the integrated water resources management in the country.

Soon after its establishment, Pakistan Water Partnership PWP organized a number of important meetings at national and provincial levels and attracted a large number of stakeholders from all the sub-sectors related to water and its multiple uses in the country. These meetings facilitated creating an awareness related to water and sensitizing the stakeholders on key issues faced in water resources development and management in Pakistan. These meetings were also meant to develop a common Vision for Water in Pakistan by the year 2025 that was achieved successfully in the year 1999. Subsequently, additional consultations were held at national level to develop a Framework ForAction (FFA) to achieve Pakistan’s Water Vision 2025. Both these documents i.e. Pakistan Water Vision and Framework for Action (FFA) were presented in the GWP meetings held at Colombo, Sri Lanka and Stockholm, Sweden in the months of June, 1999 and August, 1999 respectively and at the World Water Forum, The Hague, Netherlands in March, 2000. In order to disseminate and further improve these documents, consultations were held at the gross-roots level involving representatives of farmers, household water users, house wives, and local level NGOs. The Supplement to Framework For Action (FFA) was issued in 2001 as a compilation of the civil society response to the Vision and FFA exercise to identify and redress the shortfalls found in these documents.

Pakistan Water Partnership PWP organized the Second South Asia Water Forum (SAWAF-2) from 14 -16 December 2002, which was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan and attended by participants from more than 90 countries to support the targets of WSSD in respect of IWRM.

It has established successfully 10 Area Water Partnership AWPs which are grassroots organization throughout the country and three additional Area Water Partnership AWP are in the process of making. These Area Water Partnership AWPs are the implementing arms of the Pakistan Water Partnership PWP at the grassroots level and address specific local problems.

Pakistan Water Partnership PWP is enthusiastically moving forward to provide a sustainable solution to the Tharparkar Drought problem and to work for arranging clean drinking water to a faraway Goth of Tharparkar on demonstration basis for replication by the communities with the support of NGOs working in the area.

Pakistan Water Partnership PWP under the Water and Climate Resilience Programme of GWP has trained over 240 farmers of six Area Water Partnership AWPs in modern rainwater harvesting and latest irrigation technologies to enhance their productivity and improve livelihood. 

Sardar Muhammad Tariq
Executive Director/CEO Pakistan Water Partnership PWP