Pakistan Water Partnership PWP Secretariat based in Islamabad and is headed by an Honorary  Chief Executive Officer.


Board of Director

Sardar Muhammad Tariq CEO/Chairman, PWP email:

Sardar Muhammad Tariq has over 52-year experience of planning, design, tendering and construction management of water resources and hydropower development projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. He carries extensive experience in projects development from their inception stage to completion and post-completion operation and maintenance.

Sardar Muhammad Tariq has successfully completed a number of consultancies in the field of integrated water resources management, water resources planning, review of environmental sustainability of water development, water supply schemes, water resources chapter of federal government five year plans, review of Indus basin management model, climate change and global warming, drought occurrence and mitigation, ect.He also lead a number of well-participated consultations grassroots involvement in water management, equitable use of canal water, gender mainstreaming, community development and coping with health hazards due to water bodies pollution and groundwater contamination. He carried out such consultancies for World Bank, US AID, IUCN-Pakistan, AAB, NHA and many other international/national organizations.

Sardar Muhammad Tariq has served as Team Leader on multipurpose water resources development project funded by World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Saudi Government, DFID in Pakistan and abroad. Apart from his technical services, he also remained responsible for human resources development. His services as Consultant included review of policy documents such as National Water Policy of Pakistan, Resettlement Policy and he remained Chairman and Senior Advisor to South Asia Technical Advisory Committee on water resources and energy development. He is also author of the National Water Vision 2025 pertaining to water resources and hydropower development of Pakistan.

He remained head of a team responsible for training Malaysian and Indonesian engineers on safety inspection and hydro-power projects. He also headed Water Wing of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), an organization comprising over 27,000 engineers, technicians and workers. As Member/ Managing Director, WAPDA, he was responsible for unified planning and development of water resources and hydro-power of Pakistan in addition to loan agreements with international donor agencies. His responsibilities also included monitoring of in-service and under implementation of water resources and hydropower projects and other water resources infrastructures in Pakistan.

He is author of over hundred technical papers including policy review papers for the World Bank and participated in over 200 international and national seminar, workshops and consultation. He has been regularly delivering lectures on water resources development, management and policy formulation in the educational institutions such as National Defence University (NDU), National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Universities of Engineering and Technology (UETs), etc. His Countries of Work Experience include Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom & Pakistan.

Muhammad Akhtar Bhatti (Country Coordinator)

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